Terms & Conditions:

nb : this site is trade/wholesale only. it is only for bona fide businesses with bricks & mortar stores or independent websites.

Please email us here for a password to this Trade Site.

We do not supply online sellers from amazon, ebay or other auction sites

If you are a retail customer & would like to visit our regular www.gilliangladrag.co.uk Retail website please click here.

Minimum Wholesale Orders / Pricing / Shipping:

All prices are plus Vat & shipping in the UK.

Opening order = £175     Repeat orders = £50

MOST UK ORDERS SHIPPING :£10 flat rate. (over £300 shipped free)

all orders are pro forma and payment is required before shipping

International orders: will be weighed and a shipping quote can be sent to you before payment. No VAT is payable for most countries.

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NB : This website is for bona fide businesses with trade accounts only.

To open an account with us please get in touch.


To visit our regular retail website please go to www.gilliangladrag.co.uk

Trade Enquiries:

Gilliangladrag Ltd

20 West Street, Dorking


+44 (0)1306 898144

Email us here with a question, or to open a trade account if you own A store.

We ship worldwide!

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